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Arthur Granquist

Bass Guitar

Arthur Granquist started taking piano lessons at the age of five and was playing competitively by age 7. At 8 years old, Arthur began to find an interest in playing the electric organ to keep things exciting. During high school he was furthering his education by picking up the guitar which opened up many doors. Out of high school he has joined many bands and began writing and singing with numerous acts.

By age 25 he gave up the band life to get his college degree from Full Sail University for Audio Engineering in Music. Graduating in the top 5 of his class and earning a engineering certification from the industry standard recording software, Protools, he then started his own recording studio where he recorded many local acts including his own project in which he was writing, singing and playing bass. His alternative rock band "Sincswytch" then went on to be signed to a label and a small East coast tour. He then began playing in cover bands locally exploiting his talents switching between guitar, vocals, keyboard and drums depending on the demand. Continuing successfully as a working musician/audio engineering he has also decided to teach.

After just a short time he became Music Director at Ovation Music and Studios. You can now find Arthur playing lead bass here in the band Havoc 305, one of the busiest bands in South Florida.

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